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Kitada's Kau Kau by Eddie Flotte
Kitada's Kau Kau by Eddie Flotte

Kitada's Kau Kau

Kitada's Kau Kau Korner. Ethel's gigantic smile and Mrs. Kitada's giant heart. The most delicious food I've ever tasted. Two reasons I didn't eat there every day: It would have killed me, being smothered in beef gravy and loaded up with macaroni salad, heavily flavored with Best Foods mayonnaise. Secondly, they would never take my money, ever! ..and then battle with me for trying to leave a tip. I didn't want to take advantage. The Kitadas were the best part of Makawao to me. If anyone ever made me feel loved it was them. I miss you.
— Eddie Flotte


Approximately inches
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