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John Travis by Eddie Flotte
John Travis by Eddie Flotte

John Travis

I knew John Travis when I lived on South Street in Philadelphia. He was one of the Key community founders,and leaders. His venue J.C.Dobbs was the number one showcase for original music in the city at that time and he was the man who directed all of it. Many great and now famous mucians thank John today for the opportunities he provided those many years ago.

He came to Maui before I did. He told me I would find a world of inspiration and invited me to visit. Once I arrived we worked together for a while designing and printing shirts for his new company. He is wearing one in this painting. The elements on the wall are symbolic of his spirit and influence as a becon and ancor to the artists he has helped as a way of life for as long as I have known him. John is still one of my best friends and still a great and dependable friend. I painted this for a portrait for a group showthat asked us to choose a subject who has been a great and positive influence on our lives

— Eddie Flotte


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