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Deck's Hardware Ambler by Eddie Flotte
Deck's Hardware Ambler by Eddie Flotte

Deck's Hardware Ambler

To this day stepping into Deck's Hardware is like stepping into a Norman Rockwell painting. I remember going there regularly with my father. He would always know five or six people who happened to be fixing their toilet, puttying a window or paneling their basement. I would typically wander over to look into the glass covered case of pocket knives. Later when I got a newspaper route, I went in and bought the one I'd always wanted most. The walls of Deck's were lined with drawers and small closets housing a few of every screw, hook, fastener or knob made on earth. You take a ticket wait your turn and then follow a dedicated employee around the store until he finds what you are looking for ... if it takes all day.

— Eddie Flotte


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