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China Ridge by Eddie Flotte
China Ridge by Eddie Flotte

China Ridge

This homestead ran along a creek up in Ulupalakua near a region I was told that once housed a lot of families brought here from China to work the island. It was the home of a friend of mine named Rocky. He always told me and truly believed that the Beatles song Rocky Racoon was written about him. He told me and I am sure it is true, that while the Beatles were staying in Florida, he was the guy they went to for things. He also told me he snapped at John for messing with his girlfriend and that that was the origin of the song. Rocky passed away a few years ago. He was a guy who always did have a way of being in the right place at the right time and who did have a lot going on and a lot of irons in the fire. .. I've seen photos of him on stage at Woodstock helping to produce the show, the performances and film... . so...

I like the way this painting worked out. It had so much forground and I wanted to keep that interesting without being busy.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10.25 x 11.5 inches
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