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Cannery Row Monterey by Eddie Flotte
Cannery Row Monterey by Eddie Flotte

Cannery Row Monterey

I think when people use the phrase "to draw" they think of it as pushing a pencil around on paper until it resembles some subject they are trying to copy. To mean it literally means to syphon. ... to pull in through ones eyes and heart and pour that information back out, translated into the artistic interpretation.

I drew this picture in about 2 hours. I was on a frenzied trip up the California coast line and came upon this in Monterey. To me one of the best feelings on earth is the state of drawing as fast as I possibly can. ..taking no time to think or consider the outcome. Only after the work is done is there time to see what occurred. I like very much the way these drawings come out. It's amazing that so many details and elements make it onto the paper all composed in a way that makes one want to look it over.

— Eddie Flotte


Approximately 10.5 x 13 inches
Open Edition Print
$55.00 plus shipping

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