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Black Horse Tavern by Eddie Flotte
Black Horse Tavern by Eddie Flotte

Black Horse Tavern

For a while my family lived around the corner from the Black Horse. Sometimes when I was visiting I'd stop in for a beer or to pick up a six pack. It always seemed too good to be true ...a classic old bar with an atmosphere left over from an era long gone ...a few old timers at the bar ...but pretty much it was empty as though it were a secret.

Years later I'd pass in my car and think, I've got to come back and paint that. One day my mom called and said people were picketing to stop it from being torn down. She knows I like to get in the paper. I rushed down and got to work. The people of Flourtown saw the importance of this historic bit of beauty.

Later I saw my mother across the street with the picketers talking to a reporter and pointing my direction. Directly he came over and interviewed me and took some pictures. A few days later there I was in the local paper. Later she and I met for a hoagie at Cisco's. She told me how she'd told the reporter how great that artist's painting was coming out and that he should have a look.

— Eddie Flotte


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