Early one morning in '83, I was sitting on the steps of my apartment, in Philadelphia, waiting for a client.   I'd been awake all night finishing his record cover.  I was still in a charged up, creative state of mind.  Suddenly, I realized, I'd just drawn the old grocery store across the street, in my mind.  It took me only a matter of seconds.  I ran inside, got materials and quickly did the drawing and then the painting.  Before my client arrived I had finished the grocery store and the house beside it.   It was at that moment I began the work I do today.  I painted the characters and features of my neighborhood with joy and inspiration.  By March of '85, I realized I was free. I could go anywhere.  As long as I had my tools I would always have my work.  So I went to Maui.

Once Upon a Daze
Star Seven
Sherman's Door
Man on a Crate
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