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A Most Adventurous Dairy Cow

An original animated movie from Makawao, Maui in Hawaii about flying cows, big wheels, boats and more... original story and lyrics set to a favorite Beatles melody. All with original Eddie Flotte watercolor paintings.

A most adventurous dairy cow grazing up in Makawao stayed out all night. The Air was cool the moon was new ...she'd heard about a cow who flew ...then she took flight.

Two sisters who were grazing there, saw her lift into the air ...Oh my! With a "moo" they wished they too were able to fly.

A boy out fishing in a boat, felt himself the urge to flight ...then lifted off. His tackle box and fishing rod unanimously feeling odd, went aloft.

Lamps and chairs around the town were having trouble staying down ... but why? And even fish and frogs were able to fly.

A man up in a solar sail avoids colliding with a pail that drifts along. Alerted by this mystery he, finishing his cup of tea, knows something's wrong. He quickly motors through debris attaching all with tape and string and knot. Then wonders what to do with what he's caught.

The sun came up above the hill. The dairy man was sleeping still off in a dream. Awakened by his nervous herd and an irritating dairy bird who seemed to scream, his pants were on the ceiling so, in his pajamas he would go outside... where to his mailbox many flying things were tied.

— Eddie Flotte