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Love's Escape by Eddie Flotte
Love's Escape by Eddie Flotte

Love's Escape

What can I say of the Loves? In this eerie and spirited world, on the cusp of the physical realm, the Loves (who have roots here going back farther than most) strike me as completely un-ghosty. They are however exceptional. They arrive in exceptionally large numbers to fearlessly fly kites alarmingly close to the high tension power lines. They have tremendous fun exploding an enormous volume of fireworks (no holiday required) and fish from their dock exceptionally late into the night. They enjoy being a family and fill this house, wall to wall, with it's members. They laugh, barbecue and splash in the bay. ... Gaging by their non-interaction with me, I can exact that, from their point of view, I am invisible. They vanish like magic in a streak each time I head their direction. I see them at the end of their long dock enjoying life to the fullest. They turn my way and stare completely through me. While Kirlin, George and others seem to be working off some pleasant, Purgatory penance, or others still, like me, are living out their days in this enchanted Limbo, the Loves in contrast, as far as I can see, are here simply on a fun summer holiday. They have a jet ski! ... I can't say for sure but perhaps they are simply mortal. HMMM?
— Eddie Flotte


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