Orange and Spring Garden   Ambler Pa.
Church St. and South Main   Ambler
Saint Anthony's   Ambler Pa.
The Bent Elbow   Fort Washington, Pa.
     Getting to come home to Pennsylvania from Maui on extended trips is beyond inspirational.  The work I do when I'm home seems important to me in a way I couldn't explain in words  ... not really.   Everywhere I look strong subconscious feelings,   sensations and memories are evoked.   That all comes through in the work I would hope and the viewer can feel it.   That to me is what makes it art and more than just an illustrated town scene.

Colorful Eddie Flotte watercolor scenes of Ambler Pa. and surrounding Montgomery County. Watercolors that speak volumes on small town life.
The Wheel Pump   Erdenheim, Pa.
The Blackhorse Inn   Flourtown Pa.
Orange Avenue   Ambler
Keasbey and Mattison   Ambler PA.

Church Street   Ambler/Upper Dublin, Pa.
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