Ambler Train Station
Saint Mary's  Ambler, Pa.
Keasbey and Mattison   Ambler, Pa.
Self Portrait
     After moving to Maui, I'd come home to Pennsylvania when I could.  But I could never stay long enough.  I'd feel incredible inspiration but not have the time to accomplish anything.  The appeal was the rich character of this big, little town, coupled with deep nostalgia..  Finally, around 1999, I was able to get home for an extended visit.   I worked with more drive than ever, completing scene after scene.  I was able to get home for five or six months a year for five years running.  It was a dream come true.

South Spring Garden  Ambler Pa.
Southern Ave.  Ambler,Pa.
Old Whitpain School   Blue Bell, Pa.
Ambler News

Scenes of Ambler are available on line or in Ambler at: The Country Hub, No Bare Walls and Paladio.
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