I arrived on Maui at the perfect time.

      My style of working from life, on the sidewalks in town, drew quick attention.  People commented.  They were relieved to see someone finally capturing the OLD MAUI.  They referred to me as a historian, preserving a passing moment in time.

The true Maui life style is best described in watercolor paintings by Makawao artist Eddie Flotte

      Old Maui, the soul of Maui, the everyday Maui is best captured again by Maui watercolor artist Eddie Flotte. Upcountry watercolor artist Eddie flotte has elevated Maui art with watercolor paintings capturing Maui lifestyle in Paia , Makawao, Haiku and upcountry in general. Any listof Maui art, Maui artists and Maui watercolors must first include Upcountry/ Makawao watercolor artist Eddie Flotte

     I worked my way around the island, focusing largely on Paia, Makawao and Upcountry. The Maui community proved to be extremely supportive.  So, I made it my home.

     Over the following years I've had many opportunities to travel.  Working trips have taken me to Paris, Greece, Florida, California, Maine, Pennsylvania and the Jersey Shore.

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