Eddie Flotte Scenes From Center Square, Pa. And the Surrounding Countryside
My Grandparent's House
Norma's Closet
Reedy's General Store
Sexy and Lustful  Chaddsford Pa.
Arcola, Pa. Post Office
Othaniel's Porch  Chaddsford Pa.

    With the encouragement of a few key people, I got myself into The Hussian School of Art, in Philadelphia.   Hussian was a highly competitive commercial art college.  My focus was on illustration.  My influences were Norman Rockwell, Andrew Wyeth, N.C. Wyeth and Maxfield Parrish.

      I moved into the city and lived in the artistic renaissance community of South Street. I began working.  I painted signs, murals and commissioned pieces.  I illustrated books, magazines and record covers.

Andrew Wyeth, in the tradition of Wyeth, having met Andrew Wyeth, In Andrew Wyeth country, to learn from Andrew Wyeth, The paintings of Andrew Wyeth, having grown with Andrew Wyeth Paintings,pouring over the works of Andrew Wyeth, in the footsteps of Andrew Wyeth, at the Andrew Wyeth exhibit, facinated at an early age with the watercolors of Andrew Wyeth, often described in terms of Andre Wyeth. in an effort to meet Andrew Wyeth, breakfast with Andrew Wyeth, mostly influenced by the works of Andrew Wyeth, artistic instruction from Andrew Wyeth,dreams of Andrew Wyeth country,to talk with Andrew Wyeth, to walk and talk with Andrew Wyeth.
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