Eddie Flotte  Watercolor Gallery
Eddie Flotte Scenes From Upcountry, Maui, Hawaii
Maui Child   Upcountry,Maui
Still a Goat     Upcountry, Maui
Sunset on Kitada's    Upcountry Maui
     I arrived on Maui in 1985 and felt quickly at home in the town of Paia.   I saw in it an endless source of inspiration.  What exactly that inspiration is, can be seen in all of my paintings.  It is a reflection of who I am.   In other words, every painting is in a way a self portrait.

Mrs. Horiuchi     Paia
Johnny Pacheco  Upcountry, Maui
Blondie Freitas  Upcountry, Maui
Raymond Freitas  Upcountry, Maui
     The people of Maui responded with enthusiasm.  At the time, Maui artists focused on the beach, the whales, the palm trees, etc. I was drawn to everyday life and to the people.  They watched with interest as I sat working along the roadsides, day in day out documenting their way of life.  Before long they were showing up as subjects in my paintings and their interest grew.

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